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Our range includes exquisite teas from the best tea gardens in the world. We also offer high-quality tea accessories and matching tea sets for the perfect tea enjoyment and professional preparation. Our range guarantees the highest quality and an exceptional tea drinking experience. Discover the best tea varieties and accessory products for an exceptional tea experience with us.


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Finest tea recommendations and favorite products of the owner family

Finest Darjeeling

"My day always starts with a high-quality Japanese green tea, and during the morning I treat myself to a bowl of Matcha. During the afternoon, I like to pour myself a cup of Darjeeling, Ceylon or Assam black tea. I usually end the evening with a fine herbal tea."

Finest Darjeeling SF

Matthias Bisang

Managing Director
(third generation)


"I like drinking Japanese green tea very much. My favorite is a cup of Gyokuro. I like to cover my daily liquid needs with various soothing Ayurvedic herbal and spice teas, such as my current favorite, Figur Day & Figur Night."

Figure Day

Viviane Bisang

Management, Head of the Tea-Shop Basel

Superior Yunnan

"I like to start the day with a freshly whipped matcha. It makes me fit! Throughout the day, I drink different types of oolong or sometimes an earthy Yunnan black tea. In the evening, before I go to sleep, I enjoy a calming herbal tea with Swiss mountain herbs."

Superior Yunnan

Noël Bisang

(fourth generation)

Matcha Horai

"I start my day with a vitamin-rich matcha, which I refine with a squeeze of lemon juice. Throughout the day, I enjoy a variety of Japanese green teas. Before I go to sleep, I drink a cup of white tea, which calms me down and ensures optimal sleep."

Matcha Horai

Fabrice Bisang

Tea tester in training
(fourth generation)


Matcha tea - qualities and differences

Why is Matcha called probably the healthiest drink in the world? Learn everything about Matcha tea and what to look for when buying it.

Darjeeling - The Jewel on the Himalayas

Around the city of Darjeeling and at an altitude between 1500 and 2800 meters are the most famous plantations in India. Because this area is so close to the foot of the Himalayas, it is also called the "Place of Thunder". Not only because the Queen has her Five o`clock Tea served daily in the form of a Top Second Flush, but because of the unique aroma development, these varieties are also known as "Kings among teas".

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