Bisang family - tea people for four generations

Especially in Hamburg, the trading place for the most exclusive teas, the term tea people is used. This refers to members of long-established families who have been involved in the tea trade for generations. Very occasionally, such "tea people" can also be found in Switzerland. For us, tea trade is a family tradition and a great passion. The fact that we can look back on four generations in our tea manufactory makes us particularly proud and is our daily incentive.

Matthias Bisang

Even at a young age, playing next to the factory building, I was surrounded by the finest fragrances and sparked a great enthusiasm in me. At that time, all teas were delivered in wooden crates and the empty containers were temporarily stored in the company yard. For us, of course, this was an ideal material to build small huts out of. After my military service, I was allowed to complete the recognized tea tester training in London. I was introduced to the art of tea trading by Warren Ford, a marketeer who had made a name for himself at the London Tea Exchange as a broker of the most exclusive teas. After one and a half years of daily "teatasting" - sometimes more than 600 varieties per day - the journey continued to Hamburg. There I refined and deepened my knowledge in "Teablending" and for the creation of "Aromatees". Through self-study and daily testing of tea rarities from all over the world, I was able to deepen my knowledge. I have also acquired knowledge in the field of spices, herbs and flowers to create unique blends in the area of health, wellness and lifestyle. Today, together with my wife Viviane Bisang, I am proud to be the third generation to run the oldest tea manufactory in Switzerland and to be able to pamper our customers with the most exclusive teas.

My favorite tea:

Viviane Bisang

A little more than 9 years ago I gave up my commercial profession and joined London Tea to actively support my husband.

Through my husband I discovered the wonderful world of tea and entered the tea business as a career changer. Originally, I worked in the commercial sector, which benefits me in my current role as Managing Director of Tee Huus Basel.

My favorite tea:

Noël Bisang

From a very young age, my brother Fabrice and I were given insights into the exciting world of tea and were thrilled by the large underground warehouse full of tea chests from all over the world.

After completing my apprenticeship as a chef and two years of military service, I was able to gain experience in gastronomy with traditional Basel restaurateurs such as Mr. Rieder (Chateau Lapin) or Mr. Cavegn (zum Tell) as well as further training in management and leadership.

Like my father and grandfather before me, my training took me to Hamburg, where I was able to look behind the scenes of the international tea trade with long-standing trading partners and enjoyed tea tester training.

Today, I am responsible for production management in Münchenstein and actively participate in tea tasting and tea purchasing. I actively support my parents in the management and help to shape the future of the traditional company.

My goal is to lead and pass on the family business and their ideals to the next generation together with my brother Fabrice.

My favorite tea:

Fabrice Bisang

Even as a little boy, I was fascinated by tea. The diversity of the tea world inspires me every day anew.

After completing my apprenticeship as a chef and my military service, I was able to gain experience as a chef in various hotels (The Chedi Andermatt, Atlantis by Giardino, Roots Basel, etc.).

I started my tea tester training in spring 2021. Like my brother, I will complete part of my training in Hamburg.

In the future, my brother Noël and I would like to manage the family business & your ideals together and lead this into the next generation.

Our tea manufactory

In our tea manufactory, since its construction in 1955, the following strict principle applies: Packed as fresh as possible, stored as short as possible, at home with the clientele as soon as possible.

Our points of sale

Visit us in our tea house in Basel or in our tea manufactory with store in Münchenstein.


Only the highest quality and noblest tea varieties make it into our premium assortment. With the label "Rarities" we provide only the most exclusive and highest quality varieties, which have achieved the best values in the strict residue analysis. Our tea testers pay special attention to the purity of the varieties when selecting rarities. Often these teas come from small tea plantations and are only produced in small quantities and imported by London Tea. With the tea rarities of London Tea the principle applies, only while stocks last. We cannot guarantee to be able to offer the same varieties of our rarities every year.

In Japan, a special time comes to life in spring: the sakura season, when the world is covered in a blooming blanket of cherry blossoms. This traditional season is celebrated not only for its breathtaking beauty, but also for its deep connection to tea culture.

Marukyu Koyamaen, gegründet 1704 in Uji, Japan, ist ein renommierter Produzent von hochwertigem Matcha und grünem Tee. Über Generationen hinweg verfeinerte die Koyama-Familie kontinuierlich ihre Teeproduktion, kombinierte traditionelles Know-how mit moderner Technologie und erlangte internationale Anerkennung. Mit über 21 Auszeichnungen und einem Ruf als Lieferant von Tee höchster Qualität ist Marukyu Koyamaen stolz darauf, zu den führenden Produzenten feiner Tees in Japan zu zählen.

"Experience spring in a cup of shincha, the first green tea of the season, known for its delicate flavour and nutrient richness. Discover why this tea is so sought after and learn more about its intense aroma and health benefits. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Shincha - a treat not to be missed".

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