Our certifications

In addition to offering our customers the best and freshest teas, it is equally important to us that as many products as possible come from organic cultivation. In the past 10 years, we have been able to convert over half of our large assortment to organic production.

Without exception, every product in our range is tested by residue analysis. We do not sell tea varieties that do not meet the guidelines. Not all our products have an organic certificate. Especially for our smaller tea farmers this does not make sense for economic reasons. Through our decades of cooperation with certified and experienced tea merchants, we can always offer our customers the most exclusive and best teas from around the world.

We take a lot of time to design our assortment according to the wishes of our consumers. Therefore, we always offer only the best quality tea at a fair price. Our certified teas are divided into three categories.

Bio Inspecta Switzerland

As a holder of an Bio-Inspecta certificate, we are regularly audited and are allowed to mark our pyramid bags with the Bio label.

Certified base tea

Teas with this certification are all blended with a base that has at least the "Non EU Agricultural Certificate". A small percentage of these blends can be of conventional origin.

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