Tea of any kind very quickly absorbs foreign odors or loses its valuable scents. London Tea has always sold its tea units only in special aroma-protected packaging. The way from the original container to the packaging is as short and gentle as possible and is done daily. In this way, our customers have the guarantee that the tea will arrive at their home just as it left the tea garden.

Unfortunately, many of the most exclusive teas from China fail the residue analysis. London Tea completely renounces the so-called "wild import" from China, i.e. an import of kilo goods without any residue analysis.


Our cup portions are made from unbleached and chlorine-free paper and are compostable.

Our mesh material is currently still made of nylon. This is because neylon was for a long time the only tasteless and energy efficient material.

Fortunately, we will soon be able to offer you an alternative that is completely ecological and made of recyclable material.
For the variant "pyramid bag with wrapping", which is mainly used in the catering industry, we have succeeded as one of the first suppliers in using a new film that is produced from renewable raw materials and is compostable.

Thus, our pyramid bag range will soon consist of pure organic tea varieties and all-round sustainable packaging solutions.

Our sales packages consist of two layers of paper and aluminum glued to each other. The inner food grade aluminum layer is reduced to the minimum and represents an aroma barrier. Only in this way we can maintain the quality and freshness over time and give the product the respect it deserves.

Light is one of the most harmful things for any kind of tea. The tea begins to ferment, loses many health ingredients within a very short time, the loss of flavor is massive and, sweet varieties such as fruit tea are attacked by pesky food moths.


Tea is very fragile and can quickly acquire an undesirable foreign taste. For this reason, we recommend that tea is always well sealed and protected from foreign odors, water vapor and especially from light.
Preferably, put the tea together with the London Tea packaging in a metal or cardboard box. In the case of special Japanese lacquer or paper tins with an inner lid, the tea can also be emptied directly into it.

Completely useless for storing tea are:
plastic containers, glass containers, wooden containers

Matcha and green tea specialties can also be stored in a well-sealed container in the refrigerator. This will prolong the freshness.

Generally, we use the unfiltered tap water of the Basel region when pouring the teas.

Whether green, black, white or oolong - all teas come from the same plant. The differences lie in the processing of the tea leaves. White tea is only plucked and dried, green tea is heated to keep it green, black tea is fermented and oolong is partially fermented (so it is between black and green tea).

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