Tea from Kaley Natural Farm from Sri Lanka

Tea from Kaley Tea Estate

Our Enchanting White and Mellow Black teas come directly from a single garden in a rural village in the southern lowlands of Ceylon, Sri Lanka.

Kaley Tea Estate

Sunshine and tropical monsoons, typical of the lowlands, cool mist as in the highlands, gusty dry winds are characteristics of the eastern slopes of the central mountains. Protected young soil and natural streams and springs nourish the terrain of tea gardens. Countless forests surround Kaley Tea Estate and wind their way to Ceylon's largest rainforest: the Sinharaja.

Kaley means forest in Ceylon's native languages, and Kaley teas are naturally grown and handcrafted by tea pickers. From the finest leaves, withered by forest winds, comes the best tea made in the most traditional way.

Here we can watch Shanthi and Kanthi rolling tea in wooden wicker baskets.

Udena Wickremesooriya, the founder of Kaley Tea Estate, tells us that the heartbeat of the pickers and artisans echoes in every drop of Kaley Tea.

One of these manual laborers is Mariammah, who lovingly and skillfully selects and picks the best tea leaves.

The Kaley Nature Farm has its own school where the employees are allowed to give their children and are cared for by the teacher Shalini.

More information about Kaley Tea Estate and pictures can be found on the website https://kaleytea.com/ or on Instagram under "Kaley Tea".

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