Our tea manufactory in Münchenstein

When planning the tea factory in Münchenstein near Basel in 1955, the Bisang family wanted the building facade to resemble a tea factory in the highlands of Ceylon. At that time, the building basically had three floors and a converted attic. All the packaging material was stored under the roof. On the second floor was the packaging department and office space. On the first floor was the tea warehouse with the mixing rooms and a small sales store. And in the basement all the tea accessories and crockery were stored.

In 1992, the construction of the underground tea warehouse with special climate control was started. Thanks to the tea warehouse, the noble teas can nowadays be stored in the best conditions. The tea manufactory also has two different blending rooms. There is a strict separation between neutral teas and aromatic teas. In addition, London Tea has had a special rarity room for many years, where the world's finest and rarest teas are stored.

The fine scents of our teas enchant not only the mixing rooms but also our production and filling department. Here, in addition to various filling carts and tea bag machines, there are also several manual filling workstations where our employees hand-pack the delicate teas in our tea manufactory. After the filling and packaging process, all our precious tea creations
are well packed with a special aroma protection and protected from the light.

In the shipping department, which nowadays occupies an entire floor, all tea varieties are kept well protected and organized. Over 360 varieties of tea in various sales units are available here for dispatch, for our catering partners or for delivery to our sales outlets.

All according to our strict quality standards: "Freshly packed, short storage times, delivered as quickly as possible." This is how we guarantee the best tea enjoyment for our customers.

Isolated price adjustments

Dear Customer

It is gratifying that we can keep most prices at the previous level

In order to ensure the high quality and
purity of the product, isolated
price adjustments are unavoidable.

At the moment, we can still avert further price adjustments through
optimized purchasing.

We are confident
that the current situation will ease again and a certain normality will return for the entire population.

Thank you for your
customer loyalty, stay healthy and confident.

Your London Tea Team and Bisang Family


In Japan, a special time comes to life in spring: the sakura season, when the world is covered in a blooming blanket of cherry blossoms. This traditional season is celebrated not only for its breathtaking beauty, but also for its deep connection to tea culture.

Marukyu Koyamaen, gegründet 1704 in Uji, Japan, ist ein renommierter Produzent von hochwertigem Matcha und grünem Tee. Über Generationen hinweg verfeinerte die Koyama-Familie kontinuierlich ihre Teeproduktion, kombinierte traditionelles Know-how mit moderner Technologie und erlangte internationale Anerkennung. Mit über 21 Auszeichnungen und einem Ruf als Lieferant von Tee höchster Qualität ist Marukyu Koyamaen stolz darauf, zu den führenden Produzenten feiner Tees in Japan zu zählen.

"Experience spring in a cup of shincha, the first green tea of the season, known for its delicate flavour and nutrient richness. Discover why this tea is so sought after and learn more about its intense aroma and health benefits. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Shincha - a treat not to be missed".

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