In Japan, a special time comes to life in spring: the sakura season, when the world is covered in a blooming blanket of cherry blossoms. This traditional season is celebrated not only for its breathtaking beauty, but also for its deep connection to tea culture.

As the trees in gardens, parks and streets glow in delicate shades of pink and white, people flock out to experience and celebrate this natural spectacle. But for the Japanese, the sakura season is more than just an aesthetic experience - it is a time of reflection, thanksgiving and renewal.

In the midst of this blossoming wonder, tea culture plays a central role. Special tea rituals are celebrated, during which the famous sakura tea is served. This unique tea, often made from green tea and dried cherry blossom petals, offers not only a delicate flavour, but also a subtle sweetness and floral aroma. Sipping this tea under the blossoming cherry trees creates a special connection with nature and conveys a sense of harmony and balance.

The cherry blossom season in Japan is therefore a time of celebration and thanksgiving, when the beauty of nature and tea culture merge in perfect harmony. It is a reminder that there is profound beauty and meaning in even the simplest moments of life.

Our Japan Sakura Bliss combines dark green, fine tea buds with the delicate blossoms of the sakura, which give the tea a romantic and aesthetic flavour. When the packaging is opened, a beguiling fragrance unfolds, reminiscent of an avenue of cherry trees in full bloom.

On the palate, this springtime rarity impresses with its mild yet expressive character. The fruity and floral notes of Sakura harmonise perfectly with the nutty nuance of the green tea, creating a flavourful interplay that enchants the palate.

A sip of Japan Sakura Bliss is like a walk under blossoming cherry trees - a moment of tranquillity and pleasure that captures the beauty of nature in a cup of tea.

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