These 5 types of tea stimulate fat burning

A cup of tea is not only a good idea in winter. Especially on hot days, it ensures that we sweat less. All the better if we boost our metabolism at the same time. Find out why exactly these 5 types of tea stimulate fat burning in this blog post.

Green tea - Special Japan Sencha

Of all teas, this one is associated with the most health benefits. Because its extracts activate thermogenesis in our body - i.e. the formation of heat through metabolic processes - our fat burning is really fired up. In addition, its bitter substances, known as catechins, ensure that heat release and fat burning in our organism is increased. In the past, researchers were able to prove that the participants in their study not only weighed less after twelve weeks, but also reduced their waist circumference. Among other things, this could be due to the fact that green tea extract significantly reduces the ghrelin level in the body - a gut hormone. Good to know: Organic and less processed green tea usually has a higher proportion of green tea extract and is therefore more effective.

Matcha - Teishu Suiko Matcha Bio 

Matcha is a Japanese green tea that is ground into powder. This makes it a particularly highly concentrated hot drink that is especially rich in naturally occurring antioxidants compared to other varieties. These stimulate the metabolism and increase fat burning. British scientists at the University of Worcester and Chichester have found that consuming matcha thirty minutes before a workout can increase fat oxidation, i.e. the rate at which our body burns fat. A little tip: because matcha has a high caffeine content, we should not drink it in the evening.

Black tea - Earl Grey

Earl Grey and co. can help us lose weight due to their high caffeine content. Why is this the case? Caffeine can help us to be more energised and therefore more active. In other words, we automatically burn more calories when we are not sluggish. Some experts believe that the weight-reducing effect of black tea is due to its high flavone content. This type of plant pigment has antioxidant properties. According to a Chinese study, however, the polyphenols - secondary plant substances - contained in black tea reduce our weight by inhibiting the absorption of lipids and saccharides in our organism, thereby reducing calorie intake.

Mate - Yerba Mate

The trendy South American drink, which is made from the leaves of the mate tree, is not only supposed to rejuvenate us, but also help us lose weight - but only if it contains no sugar. The ready-to-drink versions from a bottle or can are usually bursting with carbohydrates. So hands off. Conventional mate, on the other hand, helps our body to burn calories and lower cholesterol levels, according to a study. Nice to know: The caffeine, theobromine and theophylline it contains - these active ingredients are also found in coffee and chocolate - stimulate our central nervous system and thus reduce our appetite.

Pu Erh Tea - Pu Erh

This is a Chinese black tea variety that is fermented and then pressed. It is traditionally drunk after a meal. Apart from its earthy flavour, which develops with increasing storage time, the tea is celebrated throughout Asia for its slimming effect. The aromatic compounds it contains, such as gallic acid, eliminate free radicals and help our organism to eliminate toxins. The potent hot drink has not left scientists cold either: several studies have shown that its pu-erh tea extracts support weight loss and lower our blood sugar levels at the same time.

Source Schweizer Illustrierte kiv 26 July 2022

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