Good to know : Hot tea against the heat in summer

When it's hot in summer, almost everyone longs to cool down. Mostly cold drinks are preferred. A chilled refreshment is too tempting. Yet a hot tea helps much better against heat than a cold liquid. Some types of tea have a cooling effect even in warm temperatures.

Peppermint tea and green tea - effective against heat

But not all hot beverages provide the desired relief in summer heat. Hot coffee and black tea will make you sweat even more. These two drinks have a stimulating effect, but not a cooling one.

Herbal, fruit or green tea is recommended when the outside temperature is hot.(Peppermint, lemon balm and green tea are best)

It is worth noting the cooling effect of green tea. You can enhance this property by adding fresh mint leaves.

Green tea also contains a variety of minerals and trace elements.
Since the body also loses minerals when you sweat, you can counteract this with green tea and compensate for the loss of minerals.

When temperatures are high, enjoy a warm tea rather than a drink from the refrigerator. You will feel much better afterwards.

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