Yuzu Mint



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    Yuzu Mint

    Our Yuzu Mint tea is a refreshing tea creation that will delight all lovers of refreshing teas. This tea is based on the exquisite Nana mint, whose flavour combines cool freshness and natural sweetness. But that's just the beginning.

    We have combined this exquisite mint variety with invigorating lemongrass, which gives the tea a citrus-like vibrancy. But the secret of Yuzu Mint tea lies in its namesake ingredient - the yuzu flavour.

    Yuzu is an exotic citrus fruit from East Asia that is prized for its distinctive flavour. The addition of natural yuzu flavouring gives our tea a unique note that is characterised by a harmonious balance of citrus freshness and a subtle sweetness.

    To give this tea an additional floral nuance, we have added cat's paw flowers. The result is a refreshing tea that revitalises the senses and is ideal for taking time out or refreshing yourself on warm days.

    Ingredients: Nana mint, lemongrass, cat's paw, natural flavouring

    • 4-5 TL/L
    • 100 °
    • 4-5 MIN

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