Yoga Three-Dosha Bio



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50g 10.90 CHF
500g 44.60 CHF
1000g 87.20 CHF

Yoga Three-Dosha Bio

A happy time out is certain here. The components promote well-being and help harmonizing relaxation. For those seeking a balance between strength, endurance, harmony and relaxation.

Ingredients: Cinnamon (organic), ginger (organic), fennel (organic), cloves (organic), cardamom (organic), black pepper (organic), moringa (organic), lemon balm (organic), lime blossom (organic), blackberry (organic) and raspberry leaves (organic), citronella (organic), lemon thyme (organic), golden balm (organic).

500g / 1000g packs available in the online store or by pre-order in our sales points.

  • 4-5 TL/L
  • 100 °
  • 5-10 MIN
  • Certified basic-tea

    Teas with this certification are all mixed with a base that has at least the 'Non EU Agriculture Certificate'.

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