White Winter Wonderland



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    White Winter Wonderland

    Our "White Winter Wonderland" tea blend is the perfect accompaniment for cosy winter days. It consists of high-quality Pai Mu Tan, a fine white tea from China. This tea composition is a true masterpiece of flavour harmony.

    The delicate white tea forms the basis for this blend and gives the tea a gentle and elegant flavour. But what makes this tea speciality truly unique are the fine spices that complement it. A hint of aniseed, cinnamon and cardamom gives this tea a warming and spicy nuance that is perfect for the winter season.

    The customised recipe ensures that this tea maintains the perfect balance between the different spices and the white tea. The result is a flavour experience that is both invigorating and calming at the same time.

    Ingredients: White tea China*, cinnamon, aniseed, cardamom and flavouring


    500g / 1000g packs available in the online shop or on pre-order in our sales outlets.

    • 3-4 TL/L
    • 90 °
    • 3-4 MIN

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