Tea Christmas calendar



Tea Christmas calendar

Immerse yourself in the festive anticipation with our exquisite 2023 Christmas calendar! This calendar embodies the essence of the festive season in every pyramid.

Our Christmas calendar not only offers a selection of 24 different teas, but also an innovative way to enjoy tea. Each tea is packaged in a high-quality pyramid bag, which preserves the aroma and flavour until it is brewed. Whether you want to make a cup of tea for yourself or host a tea party for your loved ones, our calendar gives you the opportunity to enjoy up to 10 litres of delicious tea.

The true magic of this calendar lies in the variety of teas. From soothing herbal teas to revitalising black teas and refreshing fruit teas, every day offers a new surprise for your palate. Enjoy the subtle nuances that each hot beverage has to offer and immerse yourself in the warmth and cosiness of the festive season.

Contents: One bag of approx. 2 g each with wrapper

Relax Green No. 470 (organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Darjeeling S.F. No. 402 (organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Mint Premium No. 464 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Earl Grey No. 404 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Jasmine Ying Hao (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Camomile flowers No. 463

Ski Tea No. 481

White Pacific Sun No. 421 (organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Fondue Tea No. 480

Strawberry Dream No. 440

Chai Tea No. 405

Rooibos Vanilla No. 450 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Verveine No. 460 (organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Rosehip No. 461

Glacier Tea No. 482 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Green and Mint No. 414 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Elderflower No. 473 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Ginger Lemongrass No. 474 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Malty Assam No. 401

Ayurveda Tea Time No. 476 (organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

English Breakfast No. 403 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Wellness Oasis No. 477 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

Japan Sencha No. 412 (Organic - bio.inspecta Suisse)

St. Bernard Tea No. 484

Dimensions of the box: 10.5 x 19 x 9.5cm

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