Tropic Garden



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Tropic Garden

Enjoy Tropic Garden fruit tea in a practical tea bag. This popular fruit tea blend combines the best of the tropics and pampers young and old alike with a tangy, fresh, tropical flavour.

The list of ingredients reads like a stroll through an exotic garden: hibiscus blossoms give the tea a bright red colour, while orange and lemon peel provide a pleasant freshness. The sweet and sour notes of rosehip and crab apple round off the flavour profile perfectly. The delicate orange blossom not only adds a visual accent, but also contributes to a subtle floral aroma.

Whether served hot or as a refreshing iced tea - the Tropic Garden tea bag is the ideal choice to bring a touch of tropical paradise into your cup. Enjoy this flavour experience and dream yourself away to distant, sunny beaches.

Ingredients: Hibiscus blossoms, orange peel*, lemon peel*, rose hips, crab apples, orange blossoms


Popular fruit tea blend for young and old. This popular blend is topped off with a tangy, fresh and tropical flavour.

Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers, orange peel (organic), lemon peel (organic), rose hips, crab apples, orange blossoms.

  • 100 °
  • 7-10 MIN
  • Tea bag

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