Top Second Flush Darjeeling



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    Top Second Flush Darjeeling

    Discover an exquisite tea rarity with our "Top Second Flush Darjeeling", which comes from the exclusive Darjeeling gardens. Similar to the first flush, this tea is also obtained from the best leaves in the gardens. The harvest time in June to July is characterised by optimal climatic conditions, which produce an exceptional taste and aroma.

    The "Top Second Flush Darjeeling" impresses with a highly aromatic and full-bodied infusion. Its distinctive muscatel bouquet gives this tea a unique flavour that is appreciated by connoisseurs and gourmets alike.

    It is no wonder that this tea even accompanies the Queen herself at her afternoon tea time. Its quality and sophistication make it a real highlight for discerning tea drinkers.

    Enjoy a tea that the Queen has prepared daily for her afternoon tea time.

    Ingredients: Black tea India

    • 4-5 TL/L
    • 100 °
    • 4 MIN

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