Teishu Super Premium Tenno Matcha Bio 30g



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Teishu Super Premium Tenno Matcha Bio 30g

The Super Premium Tenno is the emperor of our Matcha line. It has a pronounced and complex umami flavour.

Organic certifications:

Bio Inspecta Suisse Certified and JP-BIO-005 Japanese Agriculture.


Shizuoka Prefecture, Kagegawa locality

Kakegawa is a town in Shizuoka Prefecture known for its tea cultivation and in particular for the production of high-quality matcha. The region offers ideal climatic conditions for tea cultivation, including a balanced amount of sunlight, rainfall and a suitable temperature.

The tea plantations in Kakegawa extend over rolling hills and fertile soils rich in minerals. The farmers use traditional cultivation methods and dedicate themselves to the careful care of the tea plants in order to obtain the best leaves for matcha production.

Matcha tea cultivation in Kakegawa follows a special process in which the tea leaves are shaded for around 20 days before harvesting. As a result, the leaves develop their characteristic dark green colour and develop an intense aroma as well as a high content of chlorophyll and amino acids.

Teishu is the Matcha line from London Tea.

Sustainable production

The tea farmers in Kakegawa attach great importance to sustainability and organic farming. Many of them have switched to organic farming to ensure that the tea is free from pesticides and chemicals. This results in a high-quality matcha tea that is not only delicious but also beneficial to health.

The Kakegawa region is proud of its long tradition of tea cultivation and has developed into an important centre for matcha production and tea ceremonies. Many visitors travel there to experience the beauty of the tea plantations, take part in tea ceremonies and enjoy the authentic matcha products from the region.

The Matcha Super Premium Tenno from Kakegawa is an outstanding example of the first-class quality that this region has to offer. Its unique flavours and careful processing make it a popular and valued matcha tea all over the world.

By buying directly from Japanese tea farmers, we can offer you the best quality at the best price.

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