Oolong Fine Quality



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    Oolong Fine Quality

    Experience the seductive magic of Oolong Fine Quality - a unique semi-fermented tea variety from the enchanting island of Taiwan. This Oolong tea will delight you with its fascinating quality and characteristic taste nuances.

    The finely crafted leaf of this tea gives it a special elegance and allows for a strong and aromatic infusion. The semi-fermented production of this tea ensures a balance between the characteristics of green and black tea.

    The aroma of Oolong Fine Quality is a harmonious blend of slightly earthy and sweet notes that gently caress the palate. Each cup reveals a multi-faceted taste experience that transports you to a world of sensory delights.

    Degree of fermentation 50-60 %.

    Ingredients: Oolong tea Taiwan

    500g / 1000g packs available in our online shop or by pre-order in our retail outlets.

    • 5-6 TL/L
    • 100 °
    • 3-4 MIN

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