Special Japan Sencha Organic



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Special Japan Sencha Organic

Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite tea enjoyment with our Special Japan Sencha in a pyramid bag. This special green tea speciality takes you on an aromatic journey to the south of Japan, where quality and taste are paramount.

The carefully selected leaves of this Japanese green tea are a seductive dark green colour. Finely rolled and skilfully processed, they develop their characteristic shape and a strong colour in the infusion, capturing the essence of Japan.

The first sip of this tea envelops you in a fruity-sweet flavour that creates a harmonious balance between refreshing nuances and delicate sweetness. The variety of flavours and elegance of Japan is revealed with every sip and invites you to enjoy the moment.

Ingredients: Green tea Japan

certified with CH-BIO-006

Our pyramid bags - sustainability meets good flavour!

Our pyramid bag filters are made from the innovative material neoSoilon®, which is produced from sugar cane fibres. This material is 100% GMO-free and fully compostable.

We attach great importance to sustainability and only use renewable raw materials for the wrapping of our pyramid bags. This packaging is 100% recyclable and therefore contributes to reducing our environmental impact.

  • 65-75 °
  • 2-4 MIN
  • Organic Certified

  • Pyramidenbeutel

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