Ski Tea



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Ski Tea

Enjoy the soothing and warming taste of our ski tea in the practical pyramid bag. This special tea blend was developed to give you a soothing break even when you're on the go or in the office.

Our Ski Tea in a pyramid bag contains the same carefully selected ingredients as our classic blend. The fine lime blossoms, blackberry leaves, apples, orange peel, carcade, citronella and cinnamon combine to create a harmonious composition that will pamper your senses.

Whether you want to enjoy a cup at home or treat yourself to a moment of relaxation - our ski tea in a pyramid bag is the ideal choice. Simply add the bag to a cup of hot water, let it steep briefly and enjoy the warming taste of this special tea.

Ingredients: Lime blossoms, blackberry leaves, apples, orange peel, carbad, citronella, cinnamon.

Our pyramid bags - sustainability meets good taste!

Our pyramid pouch filters are made of the innovative material neoSoilon®, which is produced from sugar cane fibres. This material is 100% GMO-free and fully compostable.

  • 100 °
  • 7-10 MIN
  • Pyramidenbeutel

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