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    Ski Tea

    Experience a soothing and warming tea blend for cosy hours on cold days with our Ski Tea. This unique composition of exquisite ingredients unfolds into a true moment of pleasure in your cup.

    Our ski tea combines carefully selected ingredients that are known for their warming properties. The herbs come directly from the picturesque Napf region in Switzerland and every sip of this tea will flood you with comforting warmth.

    The blend contains the finest lime blossoms, which have a calming effect, as well as blackberry leaves and apples, which add a natural sweetness and a touch of freshness. Invigorating orange peel and refreshing citronella round off the aroma perfectly.

    A special highlight is the cinnamon, which gives Ski Tea its characteristic spiciness. The delicate hint of carcade, also known as hibiscus blossom, rounds off the flavour of the blend and gives it a slightly fruity note.

    Ingredients: Lime blossoms, blackberry leaves , apples , orange peels, carcade, citronella, cinnamon.

    • 3 TL/L
    • 100 °
    • 7-10 MIN

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