Samovar Elegant 6 L



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    Samovar Elegant 6 L

    The samovar, whose housing is made of high quality stainless steel, has a capacity of 6 liters of water. The water can be heated - electronically controlled - to a temperature between 80° and 98°C. When the set temperature is reached, the heater switches off automatically and switches on again when it cools down, so that an almost constant water temperature is maintained. In the pot, one prepares a tea concentrate from loose tea or tea bags. For this purpose, the tea is poured over with hot water and the pot is placed on the lid plate of the samovar to keep it warm. The lid plate covers the water container of the samovar and can be locked. For the tea beverage, a desired amount of the concentrate is then poured into a cup and hot water is poured over it.The water is removed through a drain tap. The device has a memory function. This means that when the device is switched on, the previously set temperature is always called.

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