Original Kekecha Guandong



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Original Kekecha Guandong

Travel to the original tea gardens of China with our Original Kekecha Guandong Tea and discover a true tea rarity that can look back on a long and venerable tradition. This exceptional tea originates from the majestic mountains of Guangdong province and is also called "Yellow Tea".

The Original Kekecha Guandong is a very special type of tea, which is particularly well tolerated due to its low caffeine content. So you can enjoy this tea without hesitation and be enchanted by its unique taste.

When infused, a fresh scent unfolds, accompanied by a slightly nutty note and a pleasant sweetness. This incomparable taste makes the Original Kekecha Guandong a real treat for all tea lovers.

Ingredients: Yellow tea China

  • 3 TL/L
  • 80 °
  • 2-3 MIN
  • Premium-product

    Delicacies that are usually only produced in small quantities.

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