Nilgiri FOP "Korakundah" Organic



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Nilgiri FOP "Korakundah" Organic

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Nilgiri FOP "Korakundah" Organic! This finely processed black tea comes from the picturesque Nilgiri region in South India and impresses with its first-class Ceylon character.

The careful processing and selection of the leaves give this tea an outstanding quality. Its characteristic taste is characterised by a pleasant softness that gently caresses the senses.

The infusion presents itself in a beautiful reddish-golden cup colour and promises a pleasure experience of a special kind. Each cup of Nilgiri FOP "Korakundah" Organic reveals a harmonious combination of fine aromas that will give you pure relaxation.

This tea is not only a delight for discerning tea lovers, but also an ideal companion for daily enjoyment. Thanks to its wholesomeness, you can indulge in the unique quality and taste of this tea at any time.

Ingredients: Black tea India

certified with CH-BIO-006

  • 4 TL/L
  • 100 °
  • 3-4 MIN
  • Organic Certified

  • Premium-product

    Delicacies that are usually only produced in small quantities.

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