Nepal Maloom FTGFOP 1 TEA



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    Nepal Maloom FTGFOP 1 TEA

    Welcome to the majestic tea gardens of Nepal with Nepal Maloom FTGFOP 1 tea! This tea is a real discovery from the "roof of the world" and resembles an exquisite Second Flush Darjeeling.

    The carefully picked leaves of this tea captivate with their beauty and the many leaf tips, which indicate the highest quality. As soon as you open the package, a fruity-aromatic aroma unfolds, heightening the anticipation of the first sip.

    The golden-yellow infusion presents itself in full brilliance and reveals a finely balanced taste. The fruity notes combine harmoniously with a pleasant aroma that gently caresses the palate.

    The Nepal Maloom FTGFOP 1 tea is a real top tea that is particularly suitable for a relaxed afternoon tea. Let yourself be enchanted by the elegance and finesse of this tea and enjoy a moment of peace and pleasure.

    Ingredients: Black tea Nepal

    500g / 1000g packs available in the online shop or by pre-order in our sales outlets.

    • 4-5 TL/L
    • 100 °
    • 4-5 MIN

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