Nepal Black OP



Nepal Black OP

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Nepal Black OP! This black tea from the majestic tea gardens of Nepal impresses with its unique quality and incomparable taste.

The wiry, long twisted leaves give this tea a special elegance. Already at the first infusion, a round, slightly sweet taste unfolds, which is accompanied by a discreet florality. This multi-faceted character makes the Nepal Black OP a real treat for all tea lovers.

Our tea specialities are imported in small quantities directly from the tea gardens of Nepal to guarantee you the highest quality and freshness. Each cup of this exquisite black tea is carefully tested so that you can enjoy an exceptional taste experience.

Experience the fine nuances and the soothing effect of this noble black tea. Whether as a companion for breakfast or for an enjoyable break in between - Nepal Black OP is always the right choice.

Ingredients: Nepal black tea

  • 3 TL/L
  • 3 MIN
  • Premium-product

    Delicacies that are usually only produced in small quantities.

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