Nana mint



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    Nana mint

    Discover the refreshing diversity of Nana mint! Our Nana mint (Mentha spicata maroca), which originates from Morocco, is known for its particularly high content of essential oils, which give this tea a unique and intense flavour.

    The fresh leaves of the Nana mint unfold a refreshing and invigorating pleasure as a tea, reminiscent of the popular spearmint. The aromatic note of this mint gives the tea a special freshness and ensures a pleasant moment of enjoyment.

    In Morocco, Nana mint is traditionally enjoyed as a refreshing and soothing drink. It is often served with a relatively high degree of sweetening to bring out the full aroma of the mint. But Nana mint also unfolds its full flavour purely and invites you to relax and enjoy.

    Ingredients: Moroccan mint

    500g / 1000g packs available in the online shop or by pre-order in our sales outlets.

    • 4-5 TL/L
    • 100 °
    • 7-10 MIN

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