Herbal tea cup "Smilla" 0.35L



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    Herbal tea cup "Smilla" 0.35L

    Dried flowers in all shapes and colours are currently celebrating their long overdue comeback. Whether as a stylish wreath, in a vase or as a trendy design on various home accessories, these sustainable and decorative natural beauties have long since left their dusty 80s image behind. And the abundance and range of different dried grasses and flowers with their variety of shapes and textures provide visual variety and are a magnificent feast for the eyes.

    This enchanting mug design also ties in with this and features colourful lagurus, green poppy capsules, pampas grass and gypsophila. The colour scheme of the decoration is dominated by dried flowers and grasses in various shades of cream. This gives the design a particularly subtle look that creates a harmonious and natural atmosphere. The beige-coloured base also fits in perfectly with the harmonious product design and further emphasises the trendy natural look, which ideally matches the dried flower theme.

    The modern shape of this beautiful mug has a capacity of 0.35 litres and is therefore ideal for enjoying most hot drinks.

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