Herbal Tea



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Herbal Tea

Enjoy the soothing diversity of nature with our herbal tea in a practical infusion bag. This exquisite blend combines the finest ingredients for a harmonious and balanced taste.

The delicate aromas of blackberry and lemon balm leaves give the tea a pleasant freshness, while liquorice roots contribute a natural sweetness. Delicate lime and mallow blossoms lend the infusion a slightly floral note, while fennel provides a subtle spiciness. Thyme and ribwort provide a subtle herbal note and round off this unique blend.

The carefully selected ingredients ensure a soothing and relaxing tea experience. Our herbal tea in an infusion bag is the perfect choice for every moment of relaxation and enjoyment.

Ingredients: Blackberry and lemon balm leaves, liquorice roots, lime and mallow blossoms, fennel, thyme, ribwort.

  • 100 °
  • 5-6 MIN
  • Tea bag

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