Wasserkocher Solis Vario Temp Kettle - 1.7L



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    Wasserkocher Solis Vario Temp Kettle - 1.7L

    Did you know that you should not use the same water temperature for green and black tea? If you are a real tea lover, you need a device that makes such differences possible. The Vario Temp Kettle is such a device. It is equipped with four buttons that allow you to select different temperatures for different types of tea. From 70 °C for a delicious cup of green tea to 100 °C for a cup of black tea.

    Life is too short to wait for the water to boil. An acoustic signal informs you when the water has reached its set temperature, so you can use the meantime wisely. Forgotten the heated water in the kettle? No problem! The keep-warm function ensures that your set temperature is maintained.

    Capacity: 1.7L

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