Candy stick 16 cm



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    Candy stick 16 cm

    Our candy sticks set in 16 cm length offers you the perfect combination of sweet indulgence and stylish design. The set contains three white candy sticks and three brown candy sticks that add subtle sweetness to your favourite drinks.

    Each candy stick is carefully made from high quality sugar cane and presented in convenient 16 cm long sticks. Simply add the desired stick to your hot drink and watch it slowly dissolve, adding a pleasant sweetness to your drink.

    The white candy sticks offer a classic and elegant touch, while the brown candy sticks give a slightly caramel taste. The choice is yours and you can choose the right candy stick depending on your mood and preferences.

    Our candy sticks set is also perfect as a gift for tea lovers or as a decorative element in your café or restaurant. The stylish packaging ensures that the candy sticks are well protected and ready for use.

    Experience the sweet magic of our Kandissticks and give your drinks that certain something. Order our candy sticks set with three white and three brown candy sticks today and enjoy the incomparable pleasure of fine candy in practical stick form.

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