Jian Gu Lan



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    Jian Gu Lan

    Dive into the fascinating world of Jian Gu Lan, also known as "Southern Ginseng" or "Herb of Immortality". This unique herb grows in the majestic mountains of Wan Nan and has a long tradition as a valuable natural medicine in China.

    The Jian Gu Lan herb has been known for many centuries and is widely used in Chinese folk medicine. It is valued for its many health-promoting properties and its versatile uses.

    The taste of this exceptional drink is initially slightly bitter on the tongue, which indicates the valuable ingredients. But the pleasure is rewarded, because the Jian Gu Lan tea leaves a pleasantly sweet aftertaste in the mouth.

    The unique flavour and special properties of Jian Gu Lan make it a true treasure of Chinese herbalism. It is a rare and prized discovery that not only offers you tasteful enjoyment, but can also support your health in a natural way.

    Ingredients: Jian Gu Lan, China (An Hui Province).

    • 4 TL/L
    • 100 °
    • 4-5 MIN

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