Japan green tea bag



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    Japan green tea bag

    A collection of 10 fine green tea varieties, everyday qualities and original Matcha green tea powder.


    Gyokuro No. 286 (organic green tea
    )Kokaicha No. 4401
    (green tea)

    Genmaicha Fine Quality No. 4408 (green


    Matcha To go Sticks No. 749

    (organic green tea)

    Japan Sencha No. 38 (organic

    green tea)

    Special Japan Sencha No. 287 (green


    Bancha 3 Year Tea No. 288

    (green tea)

    Relax Green Tea No. 59 (wellness

    green tea)

    Vital Green Tea No. 61 (wellness

    green tea

    Cherry Blossom

    Tea No.

    68 (green tea)

    Small packages of 15 - 20g

    Dimension of the bag: 37 x 21 x 9,5 cm

    Customer and personal gifts

    • can be personalized
    • larger quantity price on request

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