Irish Breakfast Tea



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    Irish Breakfast Tea

    Experience the living tradition of Ireland with our Irish Breakfast Tea - a true classic among breakfast teas, blended according to a traditional recipe from only the finest and noblest teas.

    Our carefully selected ingredients combine the best of two worlds: Assam Broken Tea and spicy Ceylon UVA Highland Tea. Assam Broken Tea is known for its deep dark colour and strong flavour. Combined with the bright brownish leaf tips, it creates an intense, invigorating tea that stimulates the senses.

    The Ceylon UVA highland tea gives the Irish Breakfast Tea a spicy note and provides a balanced flavour composition that makes the tea a true pleasure.

    Our Irish Breakfast Tea is a strong tea, just like the Irish love it. In the morning, it gives the necessary energy and invigorates body and mind for a good start to the day. But at any other time of the day, this tea is also a wonderful choice to enjoy a little time out and let yourself be spoilt by its characteristic aroma.

    Ingredients: Black tea India

    500g / 1000g packs available in the online shop or by pre-order in our retail outlets.

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