Mulled wine set



    Mulled wine set

    The tea mulled wine box is the ideal solution for anyone who loves mulled wine and at the same time appreciates the versatility of tea. This box contains everything you need to make the perfect mulled wine. Inside you will find a carefully crafted mulled wine spice tea blend that will add unique flavours of cinnamon, cloves, star anise and orange peel to your mulled wine.

    In addition, the box contains high-quality cane sugar to adjust the sweetness of the mulled wine to your taste and you will also receive 2 bottles of red wine. With this red wine as a base, you can start making your own mulled wine straight away.

    Whether you are planning a cosy evening with friends or simply want to treat yourself during the cold season, the tea mulled wine box offers you the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Enjoy the delicious flavour of homemade mulled wine and the warmth of tea in a single, unforgettable drink. Get ready to savour the winter atmosphere and indulge your senses. Cheers!

    Included in the set:

    - Mulled wine spices no. 37

    - Brown cane sugar 250g

    - 2 bottles of strong red wine (2 dl)

    - Mulled wine recipe

    Dimensions of the box: 31 x 21 x 9 cm

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    Larger quantities price on request

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