Fuding Xue Long Snow Dragon



Fuding Xue Long Snow Dragon

Immerse yourself in the magical world of our Snow Dragon green tea, which is produced in an incomparable way in the heart of Fuding. This unique green tea rarity presents itself in light jade green in the cup and promises an extraordinary taste experience.

This green tea is produced with the greatest care and according to traditional methods. The unique craftsmanship and attention to detail make this tea something very special.

The infusion of Snow Dragon is characterised by a refreshing lightness and a fine aroma. Its taste is soft, lingering and seduces the senses with a gentle freshness that transports you to a world of harmony and relaxation.

Ingredients: Green tea (China)

  • 2-3 TL/L
  • 80 °
  • 2-3 MIN
  • Premium-product

    Delicacies that are usually only produced in small quantities.

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