English Breakfast Tea Organic



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15 pyramid bags without wrapping 9.80 CHF
25 pyramid bags with wrapping 18.90 CHF

English Breakfast Tea Organic

Enjoy a noble breakfast quality with our finest highland tea from the island of Sri Lanka. This exquisite organic tea pampers your senses with a beautiful brown-golden infusion that shimmers in the cup.

Our highland tea comes from the best tea gardens and offers you first-class quality. Its full-bodied and aromatic taste makes it the ideal choice for an enjoyable start to the day. This tea tolerates a dash of milk for a creamy texture. With a slice of lemon, it becomes the perfect Thé Citron, giving it a refreshing citrus note.

Our pyramid bags are a practical and convenient way to prepare this premium tea. Simply place a bag in the cup, pour hot water over it and let it steep. This is a simple and uncomplicated way to enjoy your tea.

Ingredients: Black tea Sri Lanka

certified with CH-BIO-006

  • 100 °
  • 4-5 MIN
  • Organic Certified

  • Pyramidenbeutel

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