En Shi Yu Lu Organic



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En Shi Yu Lu Organic

Discover our elegant green tea speciality from the Chinese province of Hubei. This tea impresses with its deep green leaf and is an excellent recommendation for beginners in the world of the most exclusive green teas.

The deep green leaf of the tea reflects its high quality and purity. It testifies to careful craftsmanship and many years of experience in the production of this exquisite green tea.

The taste of the tea is fruity, full-bodied and persistent. Each sip pampers the palate with a harmonious blend of fruity notes and a deep, full-bodied flavour. The taste stays on the tongue for a long time and leaves a lasting impression.

This tea is the ideal choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of exclusive green teas. With its fruity, full-bodied and long-lasting taste, it offers a unique taste experience that will delight every tea lover.

Enjoy this elegant tea at any time of the day. Whether as a relaxing start to the day or as a companion for a quiet time-out - this tea promises you a special kind of enjoyment moment.

Ingredients: Green tea China

certified with CH-BIO-006

  • 2-3 TL/L
  • 85 °
  • 2 MIN
  • Organic Certified

  • Premium-product

    Delicacies that are usually only produced in small quantities.

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