Verbena Cut



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    Verbena Cut

    Discover our pure verbena in cut form, which captivates with its slightly lemony taste. This popular herbal drink is popular with young and old at any time of day due to its many positive properties and pleasant taste.

    Our verbena is carefully selected and gently cut to preserve its natural flavours and properties. The slightly lemony taste gives the tea a refreshing note and is ideal for a relaxing cup of tea.

    Verbena is known for its many beneficial properties. It is often used as a calming drink and can help relieve stress and relax. It also contains natural antioxidants and can promote healthy digestion.

    Whether you want to enjoy a cup of verbena tea in the morning to start your day, or a calming cup in the evening to help you wind down, our pure verbena tea is the perfect choice.

    Ingredients: Verbena

    500g / 1000g packs available in our online shop or by pre-order in our retail outlets.

    • 4-5 TL/L
    • 100 °
    • 5-10 MIN

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