Earl Grey "Samowar Duschka"



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Earl Grey "Samowar Duschka"

Discover our finest black tea from Ceylon, refined with a very special, refreshing bergamot aroma.

Ceylon black tea is known for its high quality and characteristic taste. The addition of the refreshing bergamot flavour gives the tea a special note that distinguishes it from other black teas.

The aroma of bergamot, a citrus fruit with slightly floral notes, gives the tea a refreshing and invigorating effect. Each sip of this tea pampers your palate with a harmonious interplay of black tea aroma and fresh bergamot.

Enjoy this fine Ceylon black tea with its very special, refreshing bergamot aroma at any time of day. Whether served hot or prepared as a refreshing iced tea, it is a real treat and provides an invigorating taste experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of Ceylon black tea and experience the fascination of this special tea variety. Order our finest Ceylon black tea with bergamot flavour today and enjoy the refreshing note of this tea.

Ingredients: Black tea India*, flavouring


500g / 1000g packs available in our online shop or by pre-order in our retail outlets.

  • 4-5 TL/L
  • 100 °
  • 4-5 MIN
  • Certified basic-tea

    Teas with this certification are all mixed with a base that has at least the 'Non EU Agriculture Certificate'.

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