Cranberry Cassis Tea



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Cranberry Cassis Tea

Discover our fine black tea with a special blend of cranberries, redcurrant leaves and blue cornflower blossoms. This exquisite combination gives the tea a wonderfully fresh aroma and makes it a popular treat for tea lovers.

Its full-bodied aroma and invigorating effect are perfectly complemented by the addition of cranberry and redcurrant leaves. These fruity components give the tea a pleasant sweetness and a fresh note that round off the taste experience.

Enjoy this fine black tea with cranberry, redcurrant leaves and blue cornflower blossoms on any occasion. Whether in the morning as an invigorating start to the day, in the afternoon to relax or in the evening with a delicious dessert - this tea provides a varied and refreshing taste experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of fruity flavours and treat yourself to a cup of this popular black tea.

Ingredients: Black tea India*, cranberry, currant leaves, cornflower blossoms, flavouring.


500g / 1000g packs available in our online shop or by pre-order in our retail outlets.

  • 3-4 TL/L
  • 100 °
  • 3-4 MIN
  • Certified basic-tea

    Teas with this certification are all mixed with a base that has at least the 'Non EU Agriculture Certificate'.

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