Cold Brew Carafe Mizudashi 1.2L



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    Cold Brew Carafe Mizudashi 1.2L

    Item only available towards the end of July!

    Introducing our Cold Brew Tea Teapot with brew basket and tea strainer! Designed for effortless cold brew tea preparation, this innovative teapot allows you to enjoy a refreshing and flavourful beverage with ease.

    With the tea strainer in the brew basket, this teapot simplifies the process of cold brewing. All you need to do is place your favourite tea leaves in the strainer, add water and place the teapot in the fridge for 3-6 hours. The strainer ensures that the tea leaves are fully immersed in the water and can develop their aroma, resulting in a smooth and delicious cold brew tea. After the desired brewing time, the strainer can simply be removed and the tea is perfectly brewed and ready to be enjoyed.

    The teapot with its slim design and dark green colour adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen or table. With its dimensions of W125 × D93 × H290 mm, it is compact and easy to store. With a practical capacity of 1.2L, it is perfect for making a large amount of tea to share with friends or enjoy throughout the day.

    This teapot is made of high-quality materials and guarantees durability and functionality. The heat-resistant glass bottle ensures that the tea retains the desired temperature and the aromas are preserved. The lid, handle and strainer frame are made of polypropylene, which is heat-resistant and easy to handle. The stainless steel band adds a stylish accent while providing stability and support. Made of polyester resin, the strainer effectively filters the tea leaves for a smooth and sediment-free infusion.

    A testament to the quality of this Cold Brew Tea teapot is its proud manufacture in Japan, known for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each element has been carefully designed to provide a superior cold brew experience so you can enjoy the authentic flavours of your favourite teas.

    Experience the art of cold brew tea with our Cold Brew Tea Teapot with Brew Basket Tea Strainer. Be inspired by the simplicity and elegance of Japanese craftsmanship and enjoy your tea in a new dimension.

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