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Chalet Tea Bio

Discover our special blend of pure organic wild herbs from the Swiss mountains. These carefully selected mountain herbs come from the idyllic Napf region and offer you a unique taste experience.

The blend contains lemon balm, lime blossom, orange mint, apple peel, primrose and golden balm, among others. Each individual plant has been hand-picked in the majestic Swiss mountains to guarantee you the highest quality and purity.

Lemon balm gives the tea a refreshing citrus flavour, while lime blossom adds a pleasant note with its calming effect and delicate aroma. Orange mint provides invigorating freshness, while apple peel adds a subtle sweetness to the tea. Cowslip and golden balm round off the blend and give it a unique character.

Enjoy this tea and let yourself be seduced by the aromas of Swiss mountain herbs. The organic wild collection guarantees you not only the purity of the herbs, but also their sustainable extraction and the protection of the natural environment.

Immerse yourself in the world of Swiss mountain herbs and experience the untouched nature of the Swiss Alps in every cup.

Ingredients: Lemon balm, lime blossom, orange mint, apple peel, primrose, golden balm

certified with CH-BIO-006

  • 3 TL/L
  • 100 °
  • 7-10 MIN
  • Organic Certified

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