Matcha Premium Horai



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Matcha Premium Horai

Premium Matcha Horai is the pride of our organic tea farmers, a rare, premium qualitymatcha. Mild, sweet and very smooth finish with an emerald green glowing color. In Japanese mythology, the term stands for "island of the blissful". PremiumMatcha Horai is the ideal tea for connoisseur hours and provides your own personal relaxed moment full of bliss.

The quality of Premium Matcha Horai is so exquisite that we recommend you to enjoy this Matcha tea pure. Its delicate flavor makes it a great matcha for Koicha, the strong way to prepare matcha. For this, the matcha is infused with very little water, so it is sometimes even served in a thick form. With the inexpensive entry-level varieties, this particular type of preparation is not possible due to the higher proportion of bitter substances.

In our Matcha store you can get Premium MatchaHorai in a 30 gram tin. Also the matching Matcha-bowl and a high-quality chasen, i.e. the traditional bamboo whisk, are offered, so that you can compose your personal Matcha set.

    • Certified garden-tea

      Pure plantation teas with organic certification.

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