Matcha Premium for Cooking Fuku



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Matcha Premium for Cooking Fuku

The Matcha for Cooking Fuku is an elegant premium blend for culinary use. For a long time now, Matcha has also been Matcha-bowl a delight, with its gentle caffeine and great color, it has been used in numerous Matcha Recipes applications. Fuku is used, for example, to prepare matcha ice cream, chocolate, cakes, cookies, shakes, lattes or smoothies.

Enhance your dishes with the delicately sweet matcha flavor and beautiful, intense green color. This premium cooking version is suitable for those who value a sweet matcha flavor and have a soft spot for the light cuisine of East Asia. Matcha Fuku gives a beautiful, rich green color and lets you express your creativity visually as well as tastefully.

The name Fuku means "joy" - We hope you enjoy cooking and trying out your ideas with Matcha for Cooking. By the way: Of course, this Matcha is also an organic product, which was produced under strict conditions and carries numerous certificates.

    • Certified garden-tea

      Pure plantation teas with organic certification.

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