Bru Tea Maker Black Chrome



    Bru Tea Maker Black Chrome

    With the BRU Maker One, you can easily brew your favourite tea at the touch of a button.

    Control the most important parameters according to your taste

    Brewing time

    30 sec. - 10 min. in 10 sec. steps

    10 min. - 60 min. in 1 min. steps

    Water temperature

    Room temperature (COLD)

    40ºC - 95ºC in 5ºC steps

    Boiling water (MAX)

    Water volume

    100ml - 350ml in 50ml increments

    Simply place the loose tea or tea bag in the machine, select the desired brewing programme and press the start button - that's it!

    The BRU Maker One works with any kind of loose tea, tea bags as well as any kind of herbs or fruits.

    The tea maker is available in 4 different colours. You can see the black and chrome version in our showrooms. The other variants are only ordered from the supplier.

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