Matcha Everyday Izumi



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Matcha Everyday Izumi

Everyday Matcha Izumi is the perfect tea for those who want to try Matcha for the first time. It is ideal to get to know the world of matcha before trying the more premium qualities. Like all aiya-THE TEA products, this matcha is produced in organic quality.

Everyday Matcha Izumi is also suitable for cooking and baking or can be mixed with milk or soy milk as a vegan MatchaGdrink,enjoyed. It is especially great as a surprising ingredient in desserts. Be inspired by our extraordinary recipes .

Izumi tastes stronger and a bit more tart than our other qualities. The name Izumi means "source". Discover this Matcha quality as a source of your daily extra portion of energy - If you start with this tea, you open the gate to the whole world of Matcha Teas.

Order a tin of EverydayMatcha Izumi and enjoy it in a special moment when you want to spend a creamy time out. We offer this entry-level matcha product in a pack size of 30 grams.

    • Certified garden-tea

      Pure plantation teas with organic certification.

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