Matcha Ceremonial Akashi



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Matcha Ceremonial Akashi

Ceremonial Matcha Akashi is the most popular matcha variety. The organic matchaAkashi from aiya - THE TEA has a rich aroma with fruity notes and combines all the good qualities of a matcha: mild, delicate-bitter, gentle, sweet and pleasantly digestible. The name Akashi means "glow" and is reminiscent of the light green glowing color of matcha tea. Ceremonial Matcha Akashi is the ideal drink for the daily needs of the matcha connoisseur and the "Premium Beginner Matcha

Matcha can be prepared not only as tea, but offers a variety of possibilities for use in the kitchen. Refine with a Ceremonial Akashi desserts such as ice cream or cake and let it give that special kick to your smoothies and drinks. Get inspired by our special matcha recipes .

Ceremonial Matcha Akashi is available in our Matcha Shop in pack sizes of 30 and 80 grams. Order your green power in aiya - THE TEAShop, directly from the manufacturer.

You are looking for a nice gift idea? Combine the Matcha Akashi with a Matcha-bowl and a high quality Bamboo whisk and spoil your tea friends!

    • Certified garden-tea

      Pure plantation teas with organic certification.

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